I am a bit of a control freak. To those of those who know me, you’re just smiling and nodding your head right now. To those of you who don’t, I am. Here’s a glimpse of how much. I bought my first car almost two years ago now. It’s a cute little Civic, and has great gas mileage. However, it’s a standard. I couldn’t drive a standard when I bought it, but I really wanted to learn, and I liked the idea of people not being able to ask to borrow my car. I hate saying no, but I love being in control- it was the perfect solution! 🙂 *

One thing I’ve really been learning lately is God’s sovereignity. How He works absolutely everything together for His good. It is incredible, amazing, and totally unreserved. He works everything to His glory somehow, we may not fully understand it while on earth, but He takes our ashes and turns them to beauty (Isaiah 61:3). He restores the years of our lives that the locusts have eaten away (Joel 2:25).

The other night, I was visiting my friend’s church and the pastor was saying how everyone doubts God. The example we were looking at was of John the Baptist from John 3, how he was had baptized Christ, seen the dove of the Holy Spirit come upon Christ, heard God, and was still asking “is this the Christ?” Now, I don’t think John was dumb, or mislead. I think he is a perfect example of our human nature. Despite having so much concrete evidence towards something, we often begin to doubt it, and ask for affirmation. As well as a control freak, I am an over-analyzer, so I’m writing to me here. 😉

Another example was Jesus Himself. On the eve of His betrayal, He was praying in Gethsemene, and asked for His cup of suffering to be taken away from Him (Luke 22:42). Yet, He was God in human flesh, He knew atonement had to be made for mankind. He knew He was the second Adam who came to fulfill the prophecies, and purge the world of sin, offering life, light, and hope.

Yet despite going through the unavoidable seasons of doubt, God remains constant. He is not so flighty so as to be challenged by my human doubt. He is the one who spoke and had light come from His mouth, he breathed air into Adam, He holds the oceans in the palm of His hands. He is God.

About a year ago someone told me, “God wants you to be where He wants you, even more than you want to be.” God is going to get each of us where He wants us, hopefully we don’t take the Exodus scenic 40 years in the desert route, but God will get you where He wants so you long as you’re willing. And even if you’re not willing, He’ll get you there. 😉

So, I am learning to try to relax, let go and let God.

*Note: I don’t mind people borrowing my car, so long as I trust them. I just hate saying no to people, it’s something I am working on. Also, I think driving stick is a great skill, so if you’d like to learn, I’d love to teach you! 🙂

PS Here’s some solid Bible humor for you! 🙂


Let Go and Let God


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