“An idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to iradicate.” -Inception

Ideas are incredible, because once they are planted, they only grow. They evolve, mature, change, but they are always there. We can never truly purge ourselves of an idea. We can stop giving it the nourishment for it to flourish, but the roots remain.

I am taking Abnormal Psychology this semester, and we are currently learning about the pioneers of psychopathology, and psychotherapy. It sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. 😉

One chart about Eugenics and Mental Disorders shocked me, and legitimately scared me. It reads as follows:

– 1896: Conneticut became the first state in the UNites States to prohibit persons with mental disorders from marrying.

1896-1933: Every state in the United States passed a law prohibiting marriage by persons with mental disorders.

1907: Indiana became the first state to pass a bill calling for people with mental disorders, as well as criminals and other “defectives”, to undergo sterilization.

1927: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that eugenic sterilization was constitutional.

1907-1945: Around 45,000 Americans were sterilized under eugenic sterilization laes; 21,000 of them were patients in state mental hospitals.

1929-1932: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland passed Eugenic sterilization laws.

1933:Germany passed a eugenic sterilization law, under which 375,000 people were sterilized by 1940.

1940: Nazi German began to use “proper gases” to kill people with mental disorders; 70,000 or more people were killed in less than two years.

Okay. So, what started as a idea (I’m assuming) to protect certain citizens by not allowing them to marry spread like wildfire.

I am not saying the lawmakers in Conneticut in 1896 expected Hitler to eradicate thousands of mentally handicap people within a span of 50 years, but I want to point out the evolution of the idea.

I think ideas are wonderful, and they are part of what makes us distinctly human. We adapt, we evolve, we think and develop ideas.

However, I think even with ideas designed to help, we have to be so extremely careful.

I am learning this with ideas I have established over time. I see myself becoming judgemental about certain stereotypes I have observed, and I have to keep my ideas and thoughts in check.

The beauty of ideas is that they can change. I see this particularly with Christ’s influence. He removes ideas from our lives, and gives us His ideas. It then becomes our duty to surpress us, and magnify Him.


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